Sessions of Transitional Curriculum on 21st April 2022 – Day 9

Day 9 of the Transitional curriculum for 1st BAMS, FIMS was started by Prof Pratap Shastri, Dept of Samhita Siddhanta, SGT University at 9.00 am. He spoke about Kalah– importance and usage of different tenses in Sanskrit language.

This was followed by a Motivational guest lecture by Dr Ravi Rao S, Principal, Karnataka Ayurveda Medical College Udupi, Karnataka. He spoke about opportunities and scopes of higher and specialised studies in Ayurveda. He motivated the students to be more vigilant and aware of the present surroundings which has different medicinal drugs. The speaker emphasised on the scientific evidence already generated by Ayurveda and on evidence-based practices. He spoke about various available higher studies related courses in different National institutes.

3rd session was engaged by Dr Anita, Assistant Professor, Dept of Clinical Psychology, Faculty of Behavioural Sciences. She spoke about self-growth and need of self confidence in a student life. She engaged the students in small self-centred activities, where students could self-assess themselves about the range of their own self confidence in various situation. She spoke about the importance of “Me Time” in every student’s life.

Last session of the day was a motivational talk by DR Sayal Kumar, Ayurveda Practitioner in Germany. He spoke about the scope and present practice of Ayurveda in Germany and other European countries. He introduced the students about various established MoUs between Indian Ayurveda institutes and Complementary medicine institutes in European countries.

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