Learn Samskrit – The Language of Ayurveda

“Learn Samskrit – The Language of Ayurveda” “आयुर्वेदस्य भाषा संस्कृतं पठ्यताम्” – 5-day intensive workshop from 18.02.2019-22.02.2019 was conducted by Department of Samhita Sidhanta, Faculty of Indian Medical System in association with Samskrit Promotion Foundation.

Day 1: The programme was inaugurated by Dr.Kamlesh Kohli, Director, Medical Sciences SGT University, Dr. Ravindrakumar Arahunsi, Dean, FIMS, Dr.Chand Kiran Saluja, Director Academics, SPF & Mr.Laxminarasimhan, Executive Officer, SPF. Then the workshop started with a class on basics of Samskrit by Dr.Apurba Sharma, Senior Research Fellow followed by Dr.Raman Mishra, Senior Research Fellow, SPF. The class was completely interactive with the enthusiastic participation of all the students of 1st & 2nd-year B.A.M.S.

Day 2, 3, 4: The workshop was continued by Dr.Apurba Sharma, Senior Research Fellow, Dr.Raman Mishra, Senior Research Fellow and Dr.Manmomohan Sharma, Senior Research Fellow, SPF on the importance of samskrit grammar in reading and understanding the Samhitas in Ayurveda.

Day 5: The final day of the workshop was on the way to learn Samhitas through Ashtanga Hrudaya Sutra Sthana as an example by Dr.Chand Kiran Saluja, Director Academics, SPF and another resource person from SPF. The workshop concluded with a Valedictory function presided by Dr. Ravindrakumar Arahunsi, Dean, FIMS & Dr.Chand Kiran Saluja, Director Academics, SPF.

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