Shalya Tantra (Surgery)


• To become the hub for performing & promoting surgical techniques in Ayurveda.
• To revalidate and frame novel techniques of surgeries on the basis of Ayurveda literature.
• To propagate kshara sutra technique globally as a hopeful and ultimate anorectal surgical step.
• To globalize Susrutha’s literature on Surgery told in Ayurveda and revalidate various techniques employed.
• To innovate various instrumentations and methods mentioned for surgery in Ayurveda.


• Provide medical surgical services through customer oriented care.
• Provide students, knowledge on basic techniques of surgical and Parasurgical methods mentioned in Ayurveda literature.
• To give hands on training for kshara sutra and various surgical and Parasurgical techniques.
• Provide state of the art educational programs for clinical surgery.
• Incubate new information from department’s research programs, contributing to practical solutions and theoretical framework for future practices.

Admissions Open