Syllabus | Fourth Year | Research methodology and Medical statistics

Research methodology and Medical statistics

Unit No Topic Domain Time (Hours)
1.  Brief historical background of research in Ayurved and contemporary medical science

Evidences of researches in ayurvedic classics

Nice to know 3
2. Etymology, definitions and synonyms (Anveshana,

Gaveshana, Prayeshana, Anusandhan and Shodha) of the

word Research

Must know 2
3. Research in Ayurved – Scope, need, importance, utility Nice to know 2
4. Types of Research (familiarization of the terms)

a) Pure and Applied

b) Qualitative , Quantitative and Mixed

Observational and interventional

Must know 4
5. Research process (Importance  of each steps in brief)

a. Selection of the topic

b. Review of the literature

c. Formulation of Hypothesis

d.  Aims and Objectives

e. Materials and methods

f. Observations and results

g. Methods of communication of Research

Must know 5
6. Research tools – Role of the pramanas as research tools Must know 2
7. The concept and importance of ethics in research Must know 2
8. Concept of Evidence Based Medicine and Scientific Writing Must know 2
9. Importance of IT in data mining and important research data portals concerned with Ayurved and  contemporary  medical science (DHARA , PubMed, Ayush Research Portal, Bioinformatics Center, Research Management Informatic System etc.) Nice to know 3
10. Definition, scope and importance  of the Medical statistics Must know 2
11. Common statistical terms and notations Must know 2
12. a. Population

b. Sample

c. Data

d. Variable

e. Normal distribution

Must know 3
13. Collection and Presentation of data

a. Tabular

b. Graphical

c. Diagrammatical

Must know 3
14. Measures of location

a. Average

b. Percentile

Measures of Central Tendency

a. Arithmetic mean

b. Median

c. Mode

Must know 5
15. Variability and its measurement

a. Range

b. Standard deviation

c. Standard error

Must know 3
16. Introduction to probability and test of significance Must know 2
17. Parametric and non parametric tests Nice to know


18. Introduction to commonly used statistical soft-wares Nice to know


  Total Teaching Hours   25


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