Agad Tantra


1. To integrate law and medicine together for preparing ayurvedic doctors for their medical ethics, related legal aspects and duties for serving the society.
2. To practically train the medical students for handling cases of poisoning.
3. To give sufficient knowledge about fields related to forensic medicine to ayurvedic graduates.


1. To provide quality education to students.
2. To produce a physician who is well informed about use of ayurvedic and modern medicine in case of toxicity.
3. To make an expert physician who has knowledge of medical ethics, duties and various acts related to medical practice.
4. To create awareness of medico-legal aspects in clinical practice.
5. The department endeavors to achieve the goal of becoming a benchmark as a quality Medico-legal and Medical Jurisprudence education and opinion provider.
6. To achieve the goal of hands on practice for use of antidotes in clinical day to day practice.

Admissions Open