Kaumarbhritya (Pediatrics)


• To be the leaders of pediatric practice in Ayurveda fraternity, in imparting practice , skills, caring child health and research.


• Department takes effort to prepare best clinicians, academicians and socially aware person of Kaumarabhritya
• Department is interested in conducting research in providing cure & care for chronic diseases with the help of Ayurved.
• To globalize the Ayurvedic principles of child health care
• Provide facilities to the graduates and postgraduates for the intellectual/ skill growth and braveness to serve the mankind.
• Conduct seminars and workshops for uplifting the knowledge of the scholars of the discipline
• To serve as a part of national immunization program with Ayurvedic immune boosters
• To provide the scope of job facilities in national and international level
• Conduct camps and health awareness programs with objective of imparting knowledge of basic Ayurveda among the school going children, parents and society.
• To systematize and impart Preventive Ayurvedic Pediatrics
• To systematize Ayurvedic Pediatric Medication, treatment protocols, Drug doses, drug forms, Panchakarma, Nutrition, growth and development.
• To strengthen Ayurvedic Pediatric Literature.

Admissions Open