Rog Nidana Evan Vikriti Vigyan (Pathalogy)


1. To become the state of the art facility for precision health in Ayurveda.
2. To be the nerve centre for Ayurvedic education & research in the field of Roganidana.
3. To become the nucleus for delivering outstanding clinical diagnostic services in Ayurveda.
4. To revalidate ancient techniques of diagnosis through contemporary technology.
5. To play a pivotal role in upholding the ancient science of Ayurveda and it art of diagnosis to the global community.


1. Promote the Ayurvedic & contemporary clinical diagnostic services in a comprehensive and coordinated manner.
2. Pursue basic scientific enquiry in various Ayurvedic techniques of diagnostics and mechanism of disease based on Ayurveda literature.
3. Scope of implementing modern technology & innovation in diagnostics in Ayurveda.
4. Educate students and interns to deliver Ayurvedic & contemporary clinical services of the highest quality.
5. Foster interest in pursuing research in clinical diagnostic techniques mentioned in Ayurveda and mechanism of disease.
6. Enhance departmental culture of diversity, respect and professional growth in various realms.

Admissions Open