Sharir Kriya (Physiology)

Shareera kriya is the key subject in medicine. This subject provides the basic knowledge of body functions and which helps in critical understanding of disease process and insight to disease management and prevention. Physiology is the core of medical wisdom. Its enormous contribution is responsible for the growth of
medical technology and clinical management.


To be committed to excellence in physiology education as well as outstanding research, to obtain a sufficient level of knowledge of SHAREER KRIYA to understand the basic facts, concepts and principles essential for medical practice. Thus creating a diverse and stimulating intellectual environment that ensures a transformational impact in learning, innovating and discovering new knowledge from ancient concepts thus serving the humanity


To educate medical students, with evidence-based teaching, expanding on our track record of innovation and excellence in both research and teaching.
1. To find solutions in basic concepts of mechanisms, prevention and treatment of disease.
2. Exchange of ideas through collaboration with different specialties.
3. Maximizing the impact of our research and teaching through communication.


After the completion of the study of Kriya Sharir for one year, the student is expected to imbibe the following: The learner should be able to
1] Explain the basic concepts of Human Physiology in Ayurveda.
2] Describe the fundamentals of contemporary physiology related to all organ systems along with the important links between these systems.
3] Able to discuss whether Ayurveda can contribute to the further development in different streams of the current sciences.
4] To analyse and record the fundamental parameters related to physiology like Deha- Prakriti, Dhatu -Sara, Mala- Pariksha in an healthy individual.
5] Acquire the reasonably good skills in written and practical physiology

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