Streeroga Evam Prasuti Tantra


•  Our vision at the SGT University, Faculty of Indian Medical System, Department of Prasuti Tantra & Stree Roga is empowering women to
improve the quality of life by providing compassionate high quality patient care through Ayurveda and by advancing knowledge through research,
education and advocacy in an environment of collaboration, humility, integrity and respect.


• Striving to be the leaders in obstetric, gynecologic, and reproductive health for women of all ages in the local and global communities through excellence in Ayurveda clinical care, education, and research.
• Promotion of Ayurveda through personalized clinical care based on the latest research and innovation.
• Creating future doctors in Stree Roga & Prasuti Tantra and enhance life-long learning for all health professionals in Ayurveda community through thoughtful and innovative education.
• Achieving outstanding research that provides evidence to expand the boundaries of our ancient science through departmental collaborations, integration and support
• Providing efficient and cost effective highest quality personalized care by
designing new standards of treatments

Admissions Open