Dr Kapil Yadav


Name Dr. Kapil Yadav
Punch Line “Make it Simple”
Designation Assistant Professor in Department Of Kriya Sharir
Email [email protected]
Mobile Number 8901006644
Educational Qualification: Program Year of Passing Board /University
Bachelors Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine & Surgery 2014 Pt. B D Sharma University of Health Sciences Rohtak
Masters (Specialization) P.G (Kriya Sharir) 2018 Lucknow University
Doctorate (Specialization)
Any Other
Work Experience:(in Years)
Total 20 Months
Academics 20 Months
Any Other
Recognition and awards
Membership of Associations:
Awards & recognitions:
Editor of any Scientific Journal/ member of editorial board
Fund received/ Grant received:
Any Other
Research guidance:
Master’s The study on effects of Pratimarsha Nasya wsr to sleep physiology under context of sayam cha asevitah sukhnidraprabodham cheti
Ph D
No. of papers published:
International: 2
Book Chapter (s):
Book Authored: 1
Any Other 3 souvenir publication
No.: Attended
Conferences: 4
Seminars: 5
Guest Lectures Delivered:
Resource Person /Chairperson in a session:
Event(s) organized by department:
Any Other
Any Other Information
Admissions Open