Guest Lecture

A guest lecture was conducted on 7th December at Hospital Auditorium headed by Dean FIMS Dr. Ravindra Kumar Aruhansi, anchoring done by Dr. Vidya Hiremath. The session was blessed by Dr. Sham Lal Singla, Pro. vice chancellor and Dr. Kamlesh Kohli, Director of Medical Science. The session was continued by Dr. Remya Krishnan (Associate Professor working in Mahae govt. Ayurvedic college) she enlightened our minds with the lecture over how knowledge of guna and karma can be utilized in selecting a dravya (medicine) . . . . . . for treatment and how Yukti (logics) can help a vaidya (Doctor ) in managing a patient. At the end, Dr. Milind Deshmukh ended the seminar with a vote of thanks.

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