Transitional Curriculum Program

Faculty of Indian Medical System, SGT University successfully concluded the 15 Days Transitional Curriculum Program, “AYURVEDAARAMBHA-2021” on 08.04.2021 at D-Block, SGT University with an Official Induction program for the students of B.A.M.S. 2020-21 BATCH.

The newly admitted students were welcomed at the venue by their seniors with “Tilak”.
The program started by seeking the blessings of Lord Dhanwantari & lamp lightening by the dignitaries and the students followed by a Warm Welcome Address by Prof. (Dr.) Ravi Rao S., Dean, FIMS, SGT University who also introduced the students to the leaderships of the University and the Faculty Members of FIMS. The event was moderated by Dr. Avinash Chaudhary, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Panchakarma, FIMS, SGT University.
The students were introduced to the Libraries at the University and their functioning as well by Mr. Mukesh Bharti, Library Incharge.
Mr. Ravinder, IT department navigated the students to the functioning of ERP, Computer Labs, Internet availability & Connectivity in detail. Dr. Kapil Yadav, Assistant Professor, Dept of Kriya Sharira, FIMS, SGT University explained the Role of the student’s welfare section & conveyed the information related to the Auditoriums & Conference halls at the University. Rules & Regulation pertaining to the Hostel along with the information regarding the Sports & Cultural events at the University were shared by Dr. Praveen Yadav, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Kayachikitsa, FIMS, SGT University. He also detailed about the various recreational clubs at the University.
An Interactive student’s introduction session was held by Dr. Konica Gera, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Ayurveda Samhita & Siddhant, FIMS, SGT University.
The event concluded with a vote of thanks by Prof. (Dr.) Jyoti Kumbar, H.O.D. Dept. of Streeroga & Prasuti Tantra, FIMS, SGT University. The students were headed to a Departmental tour with Dr. Kapil Yadav & IMS Hospital tour with Dr. Neeraj, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Balaroga,  FIMS, SGT University.
The 15 days Transitional Curriculum Program based on the guidelines of CCIM, covered more than 60 lectures on various themes out of which 24 topics were addressed by various eminent speakers from Ayurveda, Samskrit Promotion foundation, Naturopathy & Yogic Sciences, Behavioral Sciences & Dept. of Communication & Learning.

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