Management of COVID-19 and its Complications through AYUSH Systems of Medicine

The webinar was organized focusing on the current pandemic situation in the educational institutions and remedial steps taken to uphold the optimum health and wellness through AYUSH Systems of Medicine.

It began with a welcome of the gathering by Dr. Avinash Chaudhary (Moderator for the event) who introduced Prof. Dr. Ravi Rao S. (Dean, Faculty of Indian Medical System) to the delegates for the welcome note in which the Dean addressed the serious issue the society is facing and the importance of the AYUSH systems of Medicine in assisting the management of the same. The gathering was then addressed by Hon. Pro-Vice Chancellor (Research) Prof. Dr. Sharif Ahmad, who provided with his insightful comments on the subject matter and the probable role that the AYUSH Systems can play in the current scenario. The event was then carried forward by Prof. Dr. Jyoti Kumbar (Associate Dean, Faculty of Indian Medical System) who introduced the esteemed Guest Speaker Dr. B. Sreenivasa Prasad (Principal, K. L. E. University’s, Shri B. M. K. Ayurveda Mahavidyalaya, Belagavi, Karnataka). The guest speaker introduced the gathering about the role of Ayurveda medicine, diet and life style in managing COVID-19 in detail. The gathering was then introduced to Dr. Arun Thejaus KP (H. O. D. & In charge, NITTE – Centre for Integrative Medicine & Research (NU-CIMR)) who highlighted the role of Naturopathy and Yogic sciences in the active management of COVID-19 cases. Towards the end of the event, with heartfelt gratitude to the speakers, Prof. Dr. Sharif Ahmad laid emphasis on the importance of the diet and life style requirements in such conditions and urged the development of a standardised approach in alliance to the ministry so as to better assist a solution to the pandemic. The closing remarks were given by Dr. Sangeeth Somanadhapai (Dean, Faculty of Naturopathy & Yogic Sciences, SGT University) with appreciation of the speakers towards their contributions and a vote of thanks to members of SGT University, speakers and the delegates for making this event a grand success.

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