In continuation of Transitional Curriculum “Ayurkshitij-2022”

In continuation of Transitional Curriculum “Ayurkshitij-2022” Programme for BAMS 1st year students Batch 2021-22. Faculty of Indian Medical System, SGT University following were the Highlights of Day 8:

  1. Session started with Abhinay” by Mr. Pratap Chand Shastri, Assistant Professor, of Sanskrita & Samhita siddhant. Sir taught the grammer part of the Sanskrit & also revised the complete grammer part taught by him in last 7 days of the curriculum. The Session was started at 09 AM and was ended at 10:20 AM.
  2. Faculty Members & All students of Faculty of Indian Medical System, SGT University, Gurugram, Haryana has joined the Shilanyas Ceremony of WHO Global Centre for Traditional Medicine at April 20, 2022 through online mode held at Jamnagar, Gujarat. On behalf of the entire team of FIMS, SGT University, we would like to express our sincere admiration for Government’s outstanding efforts in fostering Indian tradition and practices.

The WHO Global Centre for Traditional Medicine, the first of its kind in the world, and is inaugurated on April 19, 2022, in Jamnagar. The Centre aims to channel the potential of traditional medicine, by integrating it with technological advancements and evidence-based research. While Jamnagar will serve as the base, the new Centre aims to engage and benefit the world. The GCTM shall focus on four main strategic areas: evidence and learning; data and analytics; sustainability and equity; and innovation and technology to optimize the contribution of traditional medicine to global health.

Commenting on the upcoming events, Shri Sarbananda Sonawal, Union Minister for Ayush said,” Both the events will mark a milestone for India’s Ayush industry. The Global Ayush Investment and Innovation Summit present an opportunity for India to create a global market for Ayurvedic and herbal products. We are standing at the doors of a golden era, where we can capitalize on our traditional knowledge, and use it to serve the world.” He further added, “Global Centre for Traditional Medicine represents WHO’s and India’s outstanding commitment to global health. Standing at the juncture of advanced technology and ancient wisdom, the only way ahead of us is upwards.”

Global Centre for Traditional Medicine (GCTM) will be having an investment of $250 million in Gujarat’s Jamnagar. The investment includes 35 acres of land in Jamnagar for a new building and premises in 2024, an interim office, along with support for the GCTM operational costs for a 10-year period. The interim office is set up at the Institute Teaching and Research in Ayurveda (ITRA), which is a WHO Collaborating Centre and Institute of National Importance.

WHO Director-General, Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus expressed gratitude to the Indian government and stressed that the new centre will help strengthen the evidence base for traditional medicine helping millions of people who resort to the same.

“This new center will help to harness the power of science to strengthen the evidence base for traditional medicine. I’m grateful to the Government of India for its support, and we look forward to making it a success,” Dr Tedros said. Calling the WHO-GCTM at Jamnagar a commendable initiative, Prime Minister, Narendra Modi said he hopes the centre will help in ‘providing the best healthcare solutions to the world.’ This session was started at 10:30 AM & ended at 12:00 PM.

  1. Pre Lunch Session was started at 12:00 PM and was ended at 01:00 PM. This session was conducted by Dr. Shallu Joon Assistant Professor Department of Behavioural Sciences SGT University on the topic Empathy and respecting conduct. Welcome of Dr. Shallu Joon was done by Dr. Konica Gera Assistant Prof. Department of Samhita and Sidhant & Vote of Thanks was done by Dr Preeti Dabral Assistant Prof. Deptt. Of Rachna Sharir.
  2. Post-lunch session was conducted by Dr Anupama Patra Professor, Shalakya Tantra FIMS SGT University on the topic Empathy and respecting Conduct. Welcome of Dr. Anupama Patra Mam was done by Dr. Amit Sharma Assistant Professor Department of Dravyaguna Faculty of Indian Medical System SGT University Gurugram and Vote of Thanks was Done by P. C. Shastri Assistant Professor Department of Sanskrit and Samhita Siddhant FIMS SGT University. Dr Anupama Patra told the students about Character of physician, Definition of empathy, references as per Ayurveda and also explained relation between empathy and respecting conduct. She Motivated the students by giving various examples of successful people in this field. She also shared her experience in Ayurveda to the students and shared the knowledge for the future and scope in Ayurveda. Session was started at 02:00 PM and ended at 04:00 PM.

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