SGT University concludes it’s 15 days Transitional Curriculum Program

Faculty of Indian Medical System, SGT University concludes it’s 15 days Transitional Curriculum Program – “AYUKSHITIJ” with a series of events including Shishyupnayan Sanskar, White coat ceremony and Charak Oath.

The event started  with invoking the blessings of lord Dhanvantari followed by the welcome address by Dr. Anupam.

The main event of induction ceremony – “SHISHYOPANAYANAM”, meaning where the students are brought closer to the texts and gurus of Ayurveda was carried out. Lord Dhanwantari Homa and Puja ceremony was conducted by Mr. Pratap Chand Shastri in the presence of the Dean, faculty members and newly admitted students of FIMS, SGT University.

It was followed by white coat ceremony and the “Charak Oath Taking” ceremony, where Prof  ( Dr.) Prasanna V  Savanur, Dean, FIMS, SGT University, made the students take the oath as per the code of Charaka Samhita, stating that they will always be true to their profession, guru and texts, know the limitations of science and do justice to their patients.

All the scholars of 1st BAMS, were tied with the Raksha Sutra by the eminent faculties of FIMS, as a mark of blessing for the auspicious beginning of study of Ayurveda.

The students of 1st year, Ms. Gungun, Mr. Mandeep and Ms. Yukti shared their opinions on the 15 days program.

Prof. (Dr.) Prasanna V Savannur, Dean, FIMS, in his Presidential address, encouraged the students to participate and concentrate on the academics as well as co curricular activities with zeal and enthusiasm. He also boosted the students’ confidence by discussing some major opportunities in the AYUSH sector.

The event concluded with a Vote of Thanks by Dr Vineeth, Co-ordinator, 1st BAMS.

After the official ceremony was over, students were asked to give their feedback by filling the circulated Feedback form and Post assessment form.

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