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Discover the Power of Ayurveda with BAMS Course: Skills, Jobs, Fees & Eligibility at SGT University

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Are you interested in traditional medicine and holistic healthcare? Then the Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (BAMS) course may be the perfect fit for you! BAMS integrates the study of traditional Ayurvedic systems with modern medicine, providing students with a comprehensive understanding of both. In this 5.5-year course, students learn about Ayurvedic theory, herbs, natural remedies, massages, and more. After graduation, BAMS students can pursue various career opportunities in the healthcare, life sciences, and pharmaceutical industries, including becoming an Ayurvedic doctor, pharmacist, sales representative, or researcher. SGT University offers a top-notch BAMS program at an affordable price, making it the ideal destination for students seeking a comprehensive education in holistic healthcare. Join us in our commitment to traditional Ayurvedic principles and help make the world a better place!

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Table of contents

  1. What is BAMS?
  2. Why Study BAMS?
  3. BAMS Fees in Private Colleges
  4. What is the eligibility for BAMS in India?
  5. Top BAMS Colleges in India
  6. BAMS Admission 2023

What is BAMS?

BAMS stands for Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery, which is a comprehensive degree program that integrates the study of traditional Ayurvedic systems with modern medicine. The program lasts for five and a half years, which includes one year of a mandatory internship following four and a half years of academic instruction. By enrolling in BAMS, students can acquire an extensive knowledge of both traditional Ayurvedic theory and the basic principles of contemporary medical science.

Why Study BAMS?

Imagine you have a headache, and you go to a doctor. The doctor prescribes some medicines, and you take them, but the headache doesn’t go away. Now, what do you do? You go to another doctor. This time, you go to an Ayurvedic doctor. The Ayurvedic doctor asks you a few questions, checks your pulse, and prescribes some herbal medicines. You take them and your headache is gone.

That’s the power of Ayurveda. Ayurveda has been around for thousands of years, and it’s still relevant today. BAMS is a course that teaches you about Ayurveda in-depth. It’s a 5.5-year course, and you’ll learn about herbs, natural remedies, massages, and so much more. By the end of the course, you’ll be able to help people using natural methods. And isn’t that what we all want? To help people and make this world a better place?

So, why study BAMS? Because it’s not just a course, it’s . . . . . . a way of life. It’s about connecting with nature and using its gifts to heal people. And that’s truly special.

BAMS Skills Required

The skills required by BAMS students in India are:

  • Ayurvedic knowledge and practices
  • Anatomy and physiology expertise
  • Diagnosis and treatment abilities
  • Ayurvedic procedure proficiency
  • Communication and interpersonal skills
  • Pharmacology knowledge and preparation
  • Diet, lifestyle, and yoga understanding
  • Research and evidence-based practices
  • Medical ethics and legal requirements
  • Empathy and compassion towards patients.

Career Opportunity after the BAMS course

  • The BAMS program provides career opportunities in the healthcare, life sciences, and pharmaceutical industries.
  • Roles include Ayurvedic Doctor, Medical Representative, Counsellor, Sales Manager, Sales Representative, Pharmacist, and more.
  • Private practice is also an option for BAMS graduates.
  • BAMS graduates can pursue postgraduate and Ph.D. programs to become professors in Ayurveda colleges.
  • Other roles for BAMS graduates include Ayurveda Counsellor and Dietician.
  • BAMS graduates can also become Panchkarma Practitioners, providing treatments for various human diseases and disorders.
  • BAMS graduates can work in research and development roles within the Ayurveda industry, helping to develop new treatments and medicines based on traditional Ayurvedic principles.
  • Graduates can also work in public health, helping to promote and improve access to Ayurvedic healthcare services in their communities.
  • Some BAMS graduates may choose to specialize in a particular area of Ayurveda, such as herbal medicine, Ayurvedic nutrition, or Ayurvedic massage therapy.
  • BAMS graduates can also work in integrative healthcare settings, collaborating with practitioners of Western medicine to provide patients with a holistic approach to health and wellness.
  • In addition to pursuing careers in India, BAMS graduates may also find job opportunities abroad, particularly in countries where Ayurveda is becoming more popular and recognized as a legitimate form of healthcare.
  • BAMS graduates can also pursue further education in fields such as public health, business administration, or healthcare management to expand their career opportunities beyond traditional Ayurvedic roles.

BAMS Course Fee Structure

SGT University offers affordable fees for BAMS courses, making it a preferred choice for students seeking quality education without financial burden.

BAMS course eligibility

Candidates who have qualified for NEET are eligible for admission to the Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (BAMS) course at SGT University.


SGT University is renowned as the best Ayurveda college in Delhi NCR and Haryana due to its exceptional BAMS program, which is complemented by expert faculty, advanced facilities, and practical training. With cost-effective fees, ample career prospects, and a strong commitment to traditional Ayurvedic principles, the university is the ideal destination for students pursuing a comprehensive education in holistic healthcare.

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